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2g game engine
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oxygine::MaskedRenderer Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for oxygine::MaskedRenderer:
oxygine::STDRenderer oxygine::IElementRenderer

Public Member Functions

 MaskedRenderer (spNativeTexture mask, const RectF &srcRect, const RectF &destRect, const Transform &t, bool channelR, IVideoDriver *)
- Public Member Functions inherited from oxygine::STDRenderer
 STDRenderer (IVideoDriver *driver=0)
const MatrixgetViewProjection () const
IVideoDrivergetDriver ()
unsigned int getShaderFlags () const
void setDriver (IVideoDriver *)
void setViewProjTransform (const Matrix &viewProj)
void setVertexDeclaration (const VertexDeclaration *decl)
void setUberShaderProgram (UberShaderProgram *pr)
void setBlendMode (blend_mode blend)
void setTexture (const spNativeTexture &base, const spNativeTexture &alpha, bool basePremultiplied=true)
void setTexture (const spNativeTexture &base, bool basePremultiplied=true)
void setTransform (const Transform &tr)
void beginElementRendering (bool basePremultiplied)
void beginSDFont (float contrast, float offset, const Color &outlineColor, float outlineOffset)
void endSDFont ()
void drawElement (const spNativeTexture &texture, unsigned int color, const RectF &src, const RectF &dest) override
void draw (const Color &, const RectF &srcRect, const RectF &destRect)
void drawBatch ()
void begin (STDRenderer *prev=0)
void begin (spNativeTexture nt, const Rect *viewport=0)
void end ()
void initCoordinateSystem (int width, int height, bool flipU=false)
void resetSettings ()
void cleanup ()
virtual void addVertices (const void *data, unsigned int size)

Protected Member Functions

void preDrawBatch ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from oxygine::STDRenderer
void setShader (ShaderProgram *prog)
void _drawBatch ()
void _addVertices (const void *data, unsigned int size)
void _checkDrawBatch ()
virtual void _cleanup ()
virtual void _begin ()
virtual void _resetSettings ()

Protected Attributes

spNativeTexture _mask
RectF _clipMask
ClipUV _clipUV
- Protected Attributes inherited from oxygine::STDRenderer
Transform _transform
std::vector< unsigned char > _vertices
const VertexDeclaration_vdecl
Matrix _vp
spNativeTexture _base
spNativeTexture _alpha
blend_mode _blend
unsigned int _shaderFlags
bool _drawing
spNativeTexture _prevRT

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from oxygine::STDRenderer
static void setDefaultSettings ()
static void initialize ()
static void release ()
static void reset ()
static bool isReady ()
static void restore ()
- Static Public Attributes inherited from oxygine::STDRenderer
static STDRendererinstance
static spNativeTexture white
static spNativeTexture invisible
static UberShaderProgram uberShader
static std::vector< unsigned char > uberShaderBody
static std::vector< unsigned short > indices16
static size_t maxVertices

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