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2g game engine
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oxygine::RectT< point2 > Class Template Reference

Public Types

typedef point2::type T
typedef point2 type

Public Member Functions

 RectT (const point2 &Pos, const point2 &Size)
 RectT (T x, T y, T w, T h)
bool operator== (const RectT &r) const
bool operator!= (const RectT &r) const
bool isEmpty () const
bool isIntersecting (const RectT &r) const
bool pointIn (const point2 &p) const
void clip (const RectT &rect)
void unite (const RectT &rect)
void unite (const point2 &p)
point2 getCenter () const
point2 getSize () const
point2 getLeftTop () const
point2 getRightBottom () const
point2 getRightTop () const
point2 getLeftBottom () const
getX () const
getY () const
getLeft () const
getTop () const
getWidth () const
getHeight () const
getRight () const
getBottom () const
void set (T x, T y, T w, T h)
void setPosition (const point2 &pos_)
void setPosition (T x, T y)
void setSize (const point2 &size_)
void setSize (T x, T y)
void setX (T v)
void setY (T v)
void setWidth (T v)
void setHeight (T v)
void moveLeft (T v)
void moveTop (T v)
void moveRight (T v)
void moveBottom (T v)
void expand (const point2 &v1, const point2 &v2)
template<class R >
RectT operator* (const VectorT2< R > &v) const
template<class R >
RectT operator/ (const VectorT2< R > &v) const
template<class R >
RectT operator* (const R &v) const
template<class R >
RectT operator/ (const R &v) const
template<typename R >
cast () const

Static Public Member Functions

static const RectT invalidated ()
static const RectT huge ()

Public Attributes

point2 pos
point2 size

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