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oxygine::Image Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for oxygine::Image:
oxygine::Texture oxygine::Object oxygine::ref_counter oxygine::ObjectBase oxygine::PoolObject

Public Member Functions

bool init (file::buffer &bf, bool premultiplied=false, TextureFormat format=TF_UNDEFINED)
void init (const ImageData &src)
void init (int w, int h, TextureFormat Format)
void cleanup ()
void convert (Image &dest, TextureFormat format)
OXYGINE_DEPRECATED void fill_zero ()
void fillZero ()
void fill (unsigned int val)
unsigned int getSizeVRAM () const
int getWidth () const
int getHeight () const
const PointgetSize () const
TextureFormat getFormat () const
ImageData lock (lock_flags f=0, const Rect *pRect=0)
ImageData lock (const Rect *pRect)
ImageData lock (const Rect &pRect)
ImageData lock (int x, int y, int w, int h)
ImageData lock (int x, int y)
void unlock ()
void toPOT (Image &dest)
void updateRegion (int x, int y, const ImageData &data)
void apply (const Rect *)
void swap (Image &r)
- Public Member Functions inherited from oxygine::Object
 Object (const Object &src)
 Object (bool assignUniqueID=true)
- Public Member Functions inherited from oxygine::ref_counter
void addRef ()
void releaseRef ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from oxygine::ObjectBase
 ObjectBase (const ObjectBase &src)
 ObjectBase (bool assignID=true)
const std::string & getName () const
const void * getUserData () const
int getObjectID () const
bool isName (const std::string &name) const
bool isName (const char *name) const
void setName (const std::string &name)
void setUserData (const void *data)
void dumpObject () const
void __removeFromDebugList ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from oxygine::Texture
enum  { lock_read = 0x1, lock_write = 0x2, lock_write_on_apply = 0x4 }
typedef int lock_flags
- Public Types inherited from oxygine::ObjectBase
typedef std::vector< ObjectBase * > __createdObjects
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from oxygine::ObjectBase
static void dumpCreatedObjects ()
static void showAssertInCtor (int id)
static void showAssertInDtor (int id)
static __createdObjects & __getCreatedObjects ()
static void __startTracingLeaks ()
static void __stopTracingLeaks ()
- Public Attributes inherited from oxygine::ref_counter
int _ref_counter
- Protected Member Functions inherited from oxygine::Object
void __doCheck ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from oxygine::ObjectBase
void __generateID ()
std::string * __getName () const
void __freeName () const
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from oxygine::ObjectBase
static void __addToDebugList (ObjectBase *base)
static void __removeFromDebugList (ObjectBase *base)
- Protected Attributes inherited from oxygine::ObjectBase
std::string __name
int __id
const void * __userData
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from oxygine::ObjectBase
static int _lastID
static int _assertCtorID
static int _assertDtorID

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