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oxygine::ClipRectActor Class Reference

#include <ClipRectActor.h>

Inheritance diagram for oxygine::ClipRectActor:
oxygine::Actor oxygine::EventDispatcher oxygine::intrusive_list_item< spActor > oxygine::Serializable oxygine::Object oxygine::ref_counter oxygine::ObjectBase oxygine::PoolObject

Public Member Functions

bool getClipping () const
void setClipping (bool enable)
void render (const RenderState &rs) override
void handleEvent (Event *event) override
void serialize (serializedata *data) override
void deserialize (const deserializedata *data) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from oxygine::Actor
 Actor (const Actor &src, cloneOptions opt=0)
virtual Actorclone (cloneOptions opt=0) const
void copyFrom (const Actor &src, cloneOptions opt=0)
spActor getFirstChild () const
spActor getLastChild () const
spActor getNextSibling () const
spActor getPrevSibling () const
ActorgetDescendant (const std::string &name, error_policy ep=ep_show_error)
template<class T >
T * getDescendantT (const std::string &name, error_policy ep=ep_show_error)
spActor getChild (const std::string &name, error_policy ep=ep_show_error) const
template<class T >
T * getChildT (const std::string &name, error_policy ep=ep_show_error) const
spTween getTween (const std::string &name, error_policy ep=ep_show_error)
spTween getFirstTween () const
spTween getLastTween () const
const Vector2getAnchor () const
float getAnchorX () const
float getAnchorY () const
bool getIsAnchorInPixels ()
const Vector2getPosition () const
float getX () const
float getY () const
const Vector2getScale () const
float getScaleX () const
float getScaleY () const
float getRotation () const
float getRotationDegrees () const
int getPriority () const
bool getVisible () const
ActorgetParent ()
const ActorgetParent () const
Vector2 getSize () const
Vector2 getScaledSize () const
float getWidth () const
float getScaledWidth () const
float getHeight () const
float getScaledHeight () const
unsigned char getAlpha () const
const spClock & getClock () const
virtual RectF getDestRect () const
pointer_index getPressed (MouseButton b=MouseButton_Touch) const
pointer_index getOvered () const
bool getTouchEnabled () const
bool getTouchChildrenEnabled () const
UpdateCallback getCallbackDoUpdate () const
MaterialgetMaterial ()
const Transform & getTransform () const
const Transform & getTransformInvert () const
Transform computeGlobalTransform (Actor *parent=0) const
RectF computeBounds (const Transform &transform=Transform::getIdentity()) const
void setAnchor (const Vector2 &anchor)
void setAnchor (float ax, float ay)
void setAnchorInPixels (const Vector2 &anchor)
void setAnchorInPixels (float x, float y)
void setAnchorX (float x)
void setAnchorY (float y)
void setPosition (const Vector2 &pos)
void setPosition (float x, float y)
void setX (float x)
void setY (float y)
void setTransform (const AffineTransform &tr)
void setPriority (short zorder)
void setScale (float scale)
void setScale (const Vector2 &scale)
void setScale (float scaleX, float scaleY)
void setScaleX (float sx)
void setScaleY (float sy)
void setRotation (float angle)
void setRotationDegrees (float angle)
void setSize (const Vector2 &)
void setSize (float w, float h)
void setWidth (float w)
void setHeight (float h)
void setExtendedClickArea (char add)
void setClock (spClock clock)
void setMaterial (Material *mat)
void setVisible (bool vis)
void setCull (bool enable)
void setAlpha (unsigned char alpha)
void setTouchEnabled (bool enabled)
void setTouchChildrenEnabled (bool enabled)
void setTouchEnabled (bool enabled, bool childrenEnabled)
void setCallbackDoUpdate (UpdateCallback cb)
virtual bool isOn (const Vector2 &localPosition, float localScale=1.0f)
bool isDescendant (const spActor &actor) const
void insertSiblingBefore (spActor)
void insertSiblingAfter (spActor)
void prependChild (spActor actor)
void prependChild (Actor *actor)
void addChild (spActor actor)
void addChild (Actor *actor)
void attachTo (spActor parent)
void attachTo (Actor *parent)
void removeChild (spActor actor)
void removeChildren ()
Actordetach ()
void dispatchEvent (Event *event) override
virtual void updateStateOvered ()
virtual void updateStatePressed ()
spTween addTween (spTween)
spTween addTween2 (spTween, const TweenOptions &opt)
template<class Prop >
spTween addTween (const Prop &prop, timeMS duration, int loops=1, bool twoSides=false, timeMS delay=0, Tween::EASE ease=Tween::ease_linear)
template<class Prop >
spTween addTween (const Prop &prop, const TweenOptions &opt)
int addClickListener (const EventCallback &cb)
int addTouchDownListener (const EventCallback &cb)
int addTouchUpListener (const EventCallback &cb)
void removeTween (spTween)
void removeTweensByName (const std::string &name)
void removeTweens (bool callComplete=false)
virtual void update (const UpdateState &us)
virtual void doRender (const RenderState &rs)
Vector2 parent2local (const Vector2 &pos) const
Vector2 local2parent (const Vector2 &pos=Vector2(0, 0)) const
Vector2 local2stage (const Vector2 &pos=Vector2(0, 0), Actor *stage=0) const
Vector2 stage2local (const Vector2 &pos, Actor *stage=0) const
virtual std::string dump (const dumpOptions &opt) const
Stage_getStage ()
void setNotPressed (MouseButton b)
bool internalRender (RenderState &rs, const RenderState &parentRS)
void clean ()
virtual bool getBounds (RectF &) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from oxygine::EventDispatcher
 EventDispatcher (const EventDispatcher &ed)
int addEventListener (eventType, const EventCallback &)
void removeEventListener (eventType, const EventCallback &)
void removeEventListener (int id)
bool hasEventListeners (void *CallbackThis)
bool hasEventListeners (eventType, const EventCallback &)
void removeEventListeners (void *CallbackThis)
void removeAllEventListeners ()
int getListenersCount () const
int getLastListenerID () const
const EventCallback & getListenerByIndex (int index) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from oxygine::Object
 Object (const Object &src)
 Object (bool assignUniqueID=true)
- Public Member Functions inherited from oxygine::ref_counter
void addRef ()
void releaseRef ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from oxygine::ObjectBase
 ObjectBase (const ObjectBase &src)
 ObjectBase (bool assignID=true)
const std::string & getName () const
const void * getUserData () const
int getObjectID () const
bool isName (const std::string &name) const
bool isName (const char *name) const
void setName (const std::string &name)
void setUserData (const void *data)
void dumpObject () const
void __removeFromDebugList ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from oxygine::intrusive_list_item< spActor >
intrusive_list< spActor > * getParentList ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from oxygine::Serializable
virtual void deserializeLink (const deserializeLinkData *)

Protected Attributes

bool _clipping
- Protected Attributes inherited from oxygine::Actor
UpdateCallback _cbDoUpdate
Transform _transform
Transform _transformInvert
unsigned short _flags
unsigned char _alpha
char _extendedIsOn
spClock _clock
tweens _tweens
children _children
union {
   struct {
      pointer_index   _overred
      pointer_index   _pressedButton [MouseButton_Num]
   int32_t   _pressedOvered
- Protected Attributes inherited from oxygine::EventDispatcher
int _lastID
listeners * _listeners
- Protected Attributes inherited from oxygine::ObjectBase
std::string __name
int __id
const void * __userData
- Protected Attributes inherited from oxygine::intrusive_list_item< spActor >
spActor _prev
spActor _next
intrusive_list< spActor > * _list

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from oxygine::Actor
typedef Property2Args< float, Vector2, const Vector2 &, Actor, &Actor::getPosition, &Actor::setPosition > TweenPosition
typedef Property< float, float, Actor, &Actor::getX, &Actor::setX > TweenX
typedef Property< float, float, Actor, &Actor::getY, &Actor::setY > TweenY
typedef Property< float, float, Actor, &Actor::getWidth, &Actor::setWidth > TweenWidth
typedef Property< float, float, Actor, &Actor::getHeight, &Actor::setHeight > TweenHeight
typedef Property2Args2< float, Vector2, Vector2, const Vector2 &, Actor, &Actor::getSize, &Actor::setSizeTweenSize
typedef Property< float, float, Actor, &Actor::getRotation, &Actor::setRotationTweenRotation
typedef Property< float, float, Actor, &Actor::getRotationDegrees, &Actor::setRotationDegreesTweenRotationDegrees
typedef Property2Args1Arg< float, Vector2, const Vector2 &, Actor, &Actor::getScale, &Actor::setScale > TweenScale
typedef Property2Args1Arg< float, Vector2, const Vector2 &, Actor, &Actor::getAnchor, &Actor::setAnchorTweenAnchor
typedef Property< float, float, Actor, &Actor::getScaleX, &Actor::setScaleX > TweenScaleX
typedef Property< float, float, Actor, &Actor::getScaleY, &Actor::setScaleY > TweenScaleY
typedef Property< unsigned char, unsigned char, Actor, &Actor::getAlpha, &Actor::setAlphaTweenAlpha
- Public Types inherited from oxygine::ObjectBase
typedef std::vector< ObjectBase * > __createdObjects
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from oxygine::ObjectBase
static void dumpCreatedObjects ()
static void showAssertInCtor (int id)
static void showAssertInDtor (int id)
static __createdObjects & __getCreatedObjects ()
static void __startTracingLeaks ()
static void __stopTracingLeaks ()
- Public Attributes inherited from oxygine::ref_counter
int _ref_counter
- Protected Types inherited from oxygine::Actor
enum  flags {
  flag_anchorInPixels = 1, flag_visible = 1 << 1, flag_touchEnabled = 1 << 2, flag_transformDirty = 1 << 3,
  flag_transformInvertDirty = 1 << 4, flag_touchChildrenEnabled = 1 << 5, flag_cull = 1 << 6, flag_fastTransform = 1 << 7,
  flag_reserved = 1 << 8, flag_last = flag_reserved
typedef intrusive_list< spActor > children
typedef intrusive_list< spTween > tweens
- Protected Types inherited from oxygine::EventDispatcher
typedef std::vector< listenerlisteners
- Protected Member Functions inherited from oxygine::Actor
void added2stage (Stage *)
void removedFromStage ()
virtual void onAdded2Stage ()
virtual void onRemovedFromStage ()
virtual void transformUpdated ()
virtual void calcBounds2 (RectF &bounds, const Transform &transform) const
void _onGlobalTouchUpEvent (Event *)
void _onGlobalTouchUpEvent1 (Event *)
void _onGlobalTouchUpEvent2 (Event *)
void _onGlobalTouchMoveEvent (Event *)
const Vector2_getSize () const
void _setSize (const Vector2 &)
virtual void sizeChanged (const Vector2 &size)
Actor_getDescendant (const std::string &name)
spTween _addTween (spTween tween, bool rel)
bool prepareRender (RenderState &rs, const RenderState &parentRS)
void completeRender (const RenderState &rs)
void updateTransform () const
void internalUpdate (const UpdateState &us)
virtual void doUpdate (const UpdateState &us)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from oxygine::Object
void __doCheck ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from oxygine::ObjectBase
void __generateID ()
std::string * __getName () const
void __freeName () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from oxygine::intrusive_list_item< spActor >
spActor & getNextSibling ()
spActor & getPrevSibling ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from oxygine::Actor
static void setParent (Actor *actor, Actor *parent)
static childrengetChildren (spActor &actor)
static unsigned short & _getFlags (Actor *actor)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from oxygine::ObjectBase
static void __addToDebugList (ObjectBase *base)
static void __removeFromDebugList (ObjectBase *base)
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from oxygine::ObjectBase
static int _lastID
static int _assertCtorID
static int _assertDtorID

Detailed Description

ClipRectActor clips all out of bound children. Rotation is not supported

Member Function Documentation

◆ render()

void oxygine::ClipRectActor::render ( const RenderState rs)

Renders this actor and children.

Reimplemented from oxygine::Actor.

◆ setClipping()

void oxygine::ClipRectActor::setClipping ( bool  enable)

Enables clipping for children. By default is on

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