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oxygine::TweenAnim Class Reference

#include <TweenAnim.h>

Public Types

typedef Sprite type

Public Member Functions

 TweenAnim (const ResAnim *resAnim, int row=0)
 TweenAnim (const ResAnim *resAnim, int startFrame, int endFrame)
void init (Sprite &actor)
void done (Sprite &actor)
const ResAnimgetResAnim () const
int getRow () const
int getStart () const
int getEnd () const
void setResAnim (const ResAnim *resAnim)
void setInterval (int start, int end)
void update (Sprite &actor, float p, const UpdateState &us)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void _setAnimFrame (Sprite &, const AnimationFrame &)

Protected Attributes

const ResAnim_resAnim
int _row
int _start
int _end

Detailed Description

A TweenAnim class use for playing per frame animation

spSprite sprite = new Sprite();
sprite->addTween(TweenAnim(res.getResAnim("anim")), 500, -1);

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TweenAnim() [1/2]

oxygine::TweenAnim::TweenAnim ( const ResAnim resAnim,
int  row = 0 

Row/Column mode. Plays single row. if resanim == 0 will be used current

◆ TweenAnim() [2/2]

oxygine::TweenAnim::TweenAnim ( const ResAnim resAnim,
int  startFrame,
int  endFrame 

Frames mode. Play animation in interval [start, end]

Member Function Documentation

◆ setInterval()

void oxygine::TweenAnim::setInterval ( int  start,
int  end 

Play animation in interval [start, end]

◆ setResAnim()

void oxygine::TweenAnim::setResAnim ( const ResAnim resAnim)

Changes ResAnim

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