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2g game engine
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oxygine::AnimationFrame Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 AnimationFrame (spNativeTexture t)
void init (ResAnim *rs, const Diffuse &df, const RectF &srcRect, const RectF &destRect, const Vector2 &frame_size)
void init2 (ResAnim *rs, short column, short row, const Diffuse &df, const RectF &srcRect, const RectF &destRect, const Vector2 &frame_size)
AnimationFrame getClipped (const RectF &rect) const
AnimationFrame getFlipped (bool vertical, bool horizontal) const
const Vector2getSize () const
float getWidth () const
float getHeight () const
ResAnimgetResAnim () const
short getColumn () const
short getRow () const
const RectFgetSrcRect () const
const RectFgetDestRect () const
const DiffusegetDiffuse () const
const HitTestDatagetHitTestData () const
void setSrcRect (const RectF &r)
void setDestRect (const RectF &r)
void setResAnim (ResAnim *rs)
void setDiffuse (const Diffuse &d)
void setSize (const Vector2 &size)
void setSize (float w, float h)
void setHitTestData (const HitTestData &ad)
void setRow (int v)
void setColumn (int v)
void flipX ()
void flipY ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ getClipped()

AnimationFrame oxygine::AnimationFrame::getClipped ( const RectF rect) const

ResAnim should be valid!

◆ getSize()

const Vector2& oxygine::AnimationFrame::getSize ( ) const

Returns size of frame in pixels

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