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2g game engine
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oxygine::Input Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void cleanup ()
void multiTouchEnabled (bool en)
PointerStategetTouchByIndex (pointer_index index)
int touchID2index (int64 id)
PointerStategetTouchByID (int64 id)
void sendPointerButtonEvent (spStage, MouseButton button, float x, float y, float pressure, int type, PointerState *)
void sendPointerMotionEvent (spStage, float x, float y, float pressure, PointerState *)
void sendPointerWheelEvent (spStage, const Vector2 &dir, PointerState *)

Public Attributes

PointerState _pointers [MAX_TOUCHES]
PointerState _pointerMouse
int64 _ids [MAX_TOUCHES+1]
bool _multiTouch

Static Public Attributes

static Input instance

Member Function Documentation

◆ getTouchByIndex()

PointerState* oxygine::Input::getTouchByIndex ( pointer_index  index)

index should be in range [1, MAX_TOUCHES]

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