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2g game engine
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oxygine::MultiAtlas Class Reference


struct  rect

Public Types

typedef Closure< spTexture(int w, int h)> createTextureCallback

Public Member Functions

 MultiAtlas (createTextureCallback)
void init (int skipSize=3)
void clean ()
bool add (const ImageData &src, Rect &srcRect, spTexture &t)
const RectgetBounds () const

Protected Types

typedef std::deque< rectrects

Protected Member Functions

void place (const rect &dest, int w, int h, const ImageData &src, spTexture &t, Rect &srcRect)

Static Protected Member Functions

static bool sortRects (const rect &a, const rect &b)

Protected Attributes

createTextureCallback _cb
Rect _bounds
rects _free
int _skipSize

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