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oxygine::XmlWalker Class Reference

#include <CreateResourceContext.h>

Public Member Functions

 XmlWalker (const std::string *xmlFolder, const std::string &path, float scaleFactor, bool load, bool alpha, pugi::xml_node xml, pugi::xml_node meta)
bool empty () const
const std::string & getCurrentFolder () const
const std::string & getXmlFolder () const
std::string getPath (const char *attrName) const
pugi::xml_node getNode () const
pugi::xml_node getMeta () const
float getScaleFactor () const
bool getLoad () const
bool getAlphaHitTest () const
const char * getType () const
void checkSetAttributes ()
void setXmlFolder (const std::string *ptr)
XmlWalker next ()
pugi::xml_node nextMeta ()

Detailed Description

internal class

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