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2g game engine
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oxygine::VectorT3< T > Class Template Reference

Public Types

typedef T type

Public Member Functions

 VectorT3 (const T *)
 VectorT3 (T, T, T)
VectorT3operator+= (const VectorT3 &)
VectorT3operator-= (const VectorT3 &)
VectorT3 operator+ (const VectorT3 &) const
VectorT3 operator- (const VectorT3 &) const
VectorT3 operator- () const
VectorT3 operator* (T) const
VectorT3 operator/ (T) const
VectorT3operator*= (T)
VectorT3operator/= (T)
template<class R >
 operator VectorT3< R > () const
VectorT2< T > xy () const
bool operator== (const VectorT3 &r) const
bool operator!= (const VectorT3 &r) const
void normalize ()
VectorT3 normalized () const
void clamp (const VectorT3 &min, const VectorT3 &max)
length () const
dot (const VectorT3 &p) const
T & operator[] (int i)
const T & operator[] (int i) const

Static Public Member Functions

static VectorT3cross (VectorT3 &out, const VectorT3 &v1, const VectorT3 &v2)
static T dot (const VectorT3 &v1, const VectorT3 &v2)
static VectorT3normalize (VectorT3 &out, const VectorT3 &v)
static VectorT3normalFromPoints (VectorT3 &out, const VectorT3 &v1, const VectorT3 &v2, const VectorT3 &v3)

Public Attributes

union {
   struct {
      T   x
      T   y
      T   z
   T   m [3]

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