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oxygine::KeyEvent Class Reference

#include <KeyEvent.h>

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Public Types

enum  KEY_EVENT { KEY_DOWN = sysEventID('K', 'E', 'D'), KEY_UP = sysEventID('K', 'E', 'U') }
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enum  { COMPLETE = sysEventID('C', 'M', 'P') }
enum  Phase { phase_capturing = 1, phase_target, phase_bubbling }

Public Member Functions

 KeyEvent (KEY_EVENT k, SDL_KeyboardEvent *d)
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 Event (eventType Type, bool Bubbles=false)
void stopPropagation ()
void stopImmediatePropagation ()
void removeListener ()

Public Attributes

SDL_KeyboardEvent * data
- Public Attributes inherited from oxygine::Event
eventType type
Phase phase
bool bubbles
bool stopsImmediatePropagation
bool stopsPropagation
void * userData
spObject userDataObject
int listenerID
spEventDispatcher target
spEventDispatcher currentTarget

Detailed Description

supported only on SDL

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