Signed Distance Font Update Please

Signed Distance Font Update Please

Postby dalxung » Mon Feb 20, 2017 4:30 pm

I can not success convert BMFont from distance_field.exe, - ... ng-of.html

I can success from SDFont - ... font-tool/
oxygine engine + distance_field source code porting please from lonesock's SDFont - ( SDFont tool )
NeHeGL with lonesock's SDFont - <- SDFont tutorial


oxygine's distance_field support Tools Bugs
BMFont And Ultimate Bitmap Font Generator is not support Font Size 400 for Down Sampling. ( Windows OS's font create tool version )
Font Tool's Create Run Time Error. ( Tool Bug )
How to Down Sampling Font Image Create ? ( Example, korean, chinese - many characters )

how to make SD font
based on article:
1. install ImageMagick <- windows version
2. generate huge font with size 400pt, set padding 40x40x40x40 <- no create, runtime error
3. convert font image to SD font image using command below:

convert font.png -filter Jinc ( +clone -negate -morphology Distance Euclidean -level 50%,-50% ) -morphology Distance Euclidean -compose Plus -composite -level 43%,57% -resize 12.5% font.png <- ImageMagick Windows Version error ( Convert command is run time error, convert command is not support )
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