my third game engine

my third game engine

Postby gibberingmouther » Mon Nov 21, 2016 10:55 pm

i've been working on my game for quite a long time. i took a break from school but now i have to go back if i want to finish my degree (in comp. science). first I used Esenthel, which i have no complaints about, then i switched to Game Maker which is really great but maybe a little buggy. i spent more than a year working with Game Maker and i learned a lot. i decided today that i will probably switch to C++ since i have more control that way and use what libraries i could find on the internet. so now i'm here. :D i was maybe 2/3rds of the way done in Game Maker but i just got tired of having to compromise because of bugs and the like. if they fix my current bug i might go back to GM but probably not.

anyway i want to finish my game - the coding is all that is left besides the art, which i can finish any time - and i kind of have a deadline, which is two semesters from now. is Oxygine a good choice for me? feel free to ask me any questions about my game. basically it's a 2d rpg. pretty big for an indie game developer but not super long or anything. you click on things or use keyboard shortcuts to do actions. sprite animation is a big part of it (at least of what you see).

also, here's my video game soundtrack to give you an idea of the quality of what i'm working on: ... soundtrack

not exactly Beethoven (???) but i think i have some solid work done there.
right now i'm trying to decide between C++ w/ oxygine or Unity....

edit: okay i'm going to try out Godot. Oxygine seems pretty cool too though.
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