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oxygine::file::FileSystem Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for oxygine::file::FileSystem:
oxygine::file::STDFileSystem oxygine::file::ZipFileSystem

Public Types

enum  status { status_error, status_ok }

Public Member Functions

 FileSystem (bool readonly)
void setPrefix (const char *str)
bool isExists (const char *file)
bool isExistsHere (const char *file)
status deleteFile (const char *file)
status renameFile (const char *src, const char *dest)
status makeDirectory (const char *path)
status deleteDirectory (const char *path)
status open (const char *file, const char *mode, error_policy ep, fileHandle *&fh)
status read (const char *file, file::buffer &bf, error_policy ep)
void mount (FileSystem *fs)
void unmount (FileSystem *fs)

Protected Types

typedef std::vector< FileSystem * > filesystems

Protected Member Functions

virtual status _open (const char *file, const char *mode, error_policy ep, fileHandle *&)=0
virtual status _read (const char *file, file::buffer &, error_policy ep)=0
virtual bool _isExists (const char *file)
virtual status _deleteFile (const char *file)=0
virtual status _makeDirectory (const char *path)=0
virtual status _deleteDirectory (const char *path)=0
virtual status _renameFile (const char *src, const char *dest)=0

Protected Attributes

char _prefix [32]
bool _readonly
filesystems _filesystems

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