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MyHttp Class Reference

Public Types

enum  status { status_none, status_inprogress, status_done, status_error }
typedef Closure< void(MyHttp *)> DownloadDoneCallback
typedef Closure< void(MyHttp *)> ErrorCallback
typedef Closure< void(MyHttp *, int)> ProgressCallback

Public Member Functions

void getFile (const std::string &url, const std::string &name)
void get (const std::string &url)
void post (const std::string &url, const char *data, int size)
std::vector< unsigned char > & getBuffer ()
status getStatus () const
unsigned int getTotalSize () const
unsigned int getReceivedSize () const
int getResponseCode () const

Public Attributes

DownloadDoneCallback _cbDone
ProgressCallback _cbProgress
ErrorCallback _cbError

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